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Sales Automation

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Boost Your Business. along with an automated digital platform with affordable investment, to get quality leads and opportunities.

Benefits for the Company

Manage Prospects & Opportunities

One very useful feature of SFA is Lead Management. With this feature, companies can monitor the prospects they have to develop into prospects that can provide better sales opportunities for the sales team. While opportunity management will provide more detailed information to the sales team to focus more on carrying out the process with prospects that have better criteria.

Manage Customers

In addition to being able to manage prospects, prospects and maintain opportunities, SFA is also equipped with technology to manage customers owned by the company. With better contact management, teams can easily reach their customers to create future sales retention.

Manage a team

This feature can help companies manage teams in work. Both for sales and those related to manufacturing to increase productivity and improve their performance to work more efficiently.

Manage teamwork at work (task management)

The task management feature at SFA allows the company to maintain the performance of all teams related to sales and manufacturing. With this feature, the team can implement and ensure the sales strategy runs well and ensure the production of products in accordance with the needs agreed by the sales and prospects / sales who make purchases, so that the requested product can be available according to the agreed schedule.

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