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Web Consultation

Portfolio Project Kami

Kami telah membantu banyak perusahaan industri perbankan baik sendiri maupun bersama-sama dengan mitra dalam memanfaatkan proses bisnis , meningkatkan kualitas database , memindahkan operasi mereka ke environment baru yang lebih baik serta menyediakan laporan untuk manajemen agar dapat  membuat keputusan strategis yang lebih baik.

IT Outsourcing & System Development


We are proud of our relationship with SCB Indonesia. They chose us to create a safe and effective information technology infrastructure for them, and we were able to do so quickly and adeptly. We’re proud of our work, but even more proud of our relationship with them.

IT Outsourcing & System Development


Indonesia-based Citibank has worked with our development team for more than 9 years. Our teams specialize in building broad platforms that support broad projects.

IT Outsourcing

Nike Logo.png

NIKE in Indonesia had some unique requirements for their IT infrastructure. Solusindo was able to meet all of their demands.

IT Outsourcing

Heinz logo.jfif

Heinz Indonesia is the biggest FMCG company in Indonesia. Solusindo is the contracted IT company for Heinz for IT support.

IT Outsourcing

DOW logo.png

We provide the best IT support for DOW Indonesia,  a global leader in petrochemicals,  with onsite and remote access to solve problems quickly, wherever their sites exist.

IT Outsourcing

Black_Veatch logo.png

We provide IT technical support for Black & Veatch Indonesia, the leading international construction and engineering company.

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