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Solusindo Total Teknikatama has been established to be your partner, tech-nology and marketing consultant.

We provide thoughtful end to end solution. Full with fresh idea for  your efficient, sustainable , profitable and easy to duplicate business.

We focus our efforts to be a service integrator. Our partners in technology services are more than happy to support you.

We help you to keep focus on your main business. Cooperations with our team would leverage your operation capacity and also flexibility

We keep enhancing and nurturing our  relationship with world class technology producer, either hardware or software.

We adopt the latest technology in order to improve efficiencies and impact to your target markets. In the process to transform your business to be a market leader.


Almost 2 decades experience in IT Technical Support, Network infrastructure and Application Development for various industries with particular emphasis on project management capabilities.


Focus and experienced in all aspect of software Design, Development and System Integration such as Custom Made Software Design (dotNEt, Pascal, C, C++, Assembler, etc)


Partnering with SAS has leveraged our capability to provide customer's improvements on profitability, capability, efficiency, productivity and security. We can assist your business to aim new target, monitor the achievements and declare improvement options for your business transformation


Developed competencies in Marketing Analytic to assist customers successful in sales acquisition, retention, or even expansion of market share. Assist business to implement CRM and ERP as an end to end solution for business transformation


Start from Award winning Technology Product for network infrastructure, telematics, building management system / analytic, cloud applications and customized software applications. Those range of products will assist you to bring up your business into a higher level


Managing internet wifi or hotspot is no longer painful, even you can start to earn money from the infrastructure. Prefered solution for SME and retail chains. 

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